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I have a soft spot for singer songwriters. Partially because they often produce adorable folky tunes and also because they’re often from small towns like the one that I came from, so I feel like we have some unwritten bond that city folk just don’t understand.

Taylor Jahn, native to Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a dynamic vocalist who has released the new single, Hide Away. Beginning to play piano only six years old, Jahn has an unmatched passion for music. A passion that engulfs you when listening to the eerie love song, Hide Away. The song clearly conveys that Jahn is influenced by the mainstream pop artists of today like Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Adele and Christina Perri as it is extremely passionate and, of course, about love.

Photo: Kristina Adams

Photo: Kristina Adams

Before reading the “About Me” section of taylorjahn.com, I listened to Hide Away and thought to myself, “This guy is the male version of Adele. Or Taylor Swift.” So he has clearly done a great job intertwining the vocal techniques and writing styles of those influencers into his own work. Unlike Adele and Swift though, Jahn’s Hide Away is a love song that doesn’t necessarily sound like a love song. The music is eerie and haunting, almost as if he’s singing about something that’s tearing him apart. The lyrics, however, talk about protecting your loved one, being there for them and just promising unconditional love. It’s a unique, fresh twist on a love song.

The layered vocals and stunning piano create a lush, soulful ballad that is perfect for when you want to not only feel or experience big, all-encompassing love, but when you want to hear it too.

Hide Away probably isn’t a love song you’ll hear as many first dance songs at upcoming weddings, but it’s definitely a song that you’ll hear a lot of. One that will get your right in the feels every time you hear it, too.

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