Teribal Anamal – New Creature


Some of the best shows are the ones least expected to be so. There are the bands you happen upon accidentally. You end up in some dive with strong drinks and an even stronger sound guy. As the band takes the stage, you hear a random guitar chord, a stray bass line and a couple of passes on the kick drum. Before you know it, this band just kicks off as if they’d been playing the whole time without the blink of an eye. The guitars ring in your head while the bass and drums are swarming in your chest. Though I’ve never seen Teribal Animal play live, I imagine that’s the experience with their newest album “New Creature.”

Just listening to the album, that’s definitely the feeling you get with “New Creature.” The album starts off with “Shuttlecock,” which sets the stage for the rest of the album. The synth begins ringing, which makes you wonder what kind of space band you’re about to hear. Then, the distorted guitar reminds you that you are, in fact, listening to a punk band.

The sound behind Teribal Anamal is new wave meets punk roots. We have some basic instrumentation with guitar solos that are all over the place. The vocals are relaxed, natural and honest. Through this kind of distorted filter, the vocals take the same line as the rest of the instruments instead of being the focal point. Because of this, the entire album flows from song to song incredibly effortlessly.

I imagine that when seeing them live, by the time the show ends, time has just flown by and it seems like the show is over before it has even started. That’s the effect of listening to the album – animal sounds and all.

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