The Astrals

The Astrals

Sometimes when you want something to be a true reflection of yourself and your hard work and talent, you take a really, really long time to do it. The Astrals, originally formed in France, took their time creating their self-titled EP (starting the project in 2011) so that they could pour everything they had into the project.  

It may be hard to believe that all of the complexities that the Astrals use to create their eclectic, new-wave sound is thanks to only two people, but multi-instrumentalist Stephan Versini and British drummer Justin Welch make it happen. With waves of synth and lots of heavy bass and percussion, the EP feels like a little bit like a collaboration between Bloc Party and Gorillaz. 

Confidential is a fun, upbeat track that will have your toes tapping immediately. I can imagine that the there could be an incredible light show to go with this song when the guys perform it live. Moving into Sunlight, another upbeat tune littered with passionate, punk-like lyrics (“I’ll show you the world with the lights off”) and head-bobbing beats. 

Just when you think your adrenaline levels are about to go through the roof with all of the heart-pounding synth beats and thumping bass, The Astrals help you snap out of it with Erased. This one might be the most reminiscent of Bloc Party, with it’s cool synth and barely-there piano combined with the candid vocals. The song picks up towards the end and rolls into lots of drums and guitar, the perfect lead up to the next song, Last Time. 

Opening with Welch working the kit, and Versini killing it on the synth, Last Time is a vigorous and futuristic track. There’s so much emotion and passion in the song that you can hear it in the instruments – the screeching synthesizer, the scratchy guitar and the cracks of the symbols. 

The last piece that the Astrals have offered us on their EP is All of You. Maybe this should be called All of US,  because the duo gives everything to this instrumental. When I listened to it I felt like the band was thanking me for taking the time out to listen to their music. Synth and sax in the same song? Somehow, this works incredibly and the combination is sure to give you chills. 

The EP is a beautiful mixture of everything the Astrals are – mature, yet youthful musicians with an incredible passion.

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