The Bash Dogs


There are bands that take classic rock and follow it by the book. Ironically, this is the epitome of what rock stands against – the anthem is do your own thing and forget what anyone else thinks. Then, there are bands who take classic rock and add their own spin. They have fast paced, make-you-move instrumentation with fresh, sometimes soulful vocals, but leave plenty of time for that shredding guitar solo that made them fall in love with rock ‘n’ roll in the first place. That is The Bash Dogs.

“Wow Just Wow” is the song that best embodies that spirit. Then, they have songs like “No Cheetah Please” that remind you of a more soulful New Politics that keeps your favorite Led Zeppelin guitar solo.

One minute, you’re focused on the lead vocals and growling gang vocals. Then, before you know it, you’re knee-deep in a guitar solo that makes you forget you’re listening to a band from this decade – a happy place to be.

Staying with that true rock spirit, there is the one slow song. “I’d Love You Now” takes it a notch down with a vocal range that you wouldn’t think the lead singer could have. Well, he does and you get a taste of it before they kick into the next fast paced song. However, this is the one that will stick with you. You’ll put it on playlist after playlist until you think you’re sick of hearing it for a while, only to realize, nope. Not yet. Not even.

Experience The Bash Dogs here.


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