The Begging Sea – The Distance


Years ago, I was in a band that opened for Sherwood. They put on awesome show after awesome show. I became quite the fan of their band. I was always impressed with every new record. In February 2012, Sherwood disbanded.

After the band came to an end, I was forunate enough to work with Dan as he contributed to We Shot The Moon. He also continued to develop his hymn-repurposing band, Wayfarer. However, Nate, the lead singer for Sherwood, seemed to remain silent. That is, until July of 2012, when he posted a Kickstarter page to fund his new record.

Nate chose “The Begging Sea” as his solo moniker and dubbed his latest effort The Distance (from the track of the same name). As we all know now, the record got funded and was released, digitally, on June 2. The vinyl and CD appear to be shipping on June 30.

On first listen, the record seems like a natural progression from a member of Sherwood. It’s a little less A Different Light and a little more QU. As I understand it, Nate took a heaver hand in the writing duties for QU. So, this adds up.

While songs like “Tree of Life” are as catchy and dancy as you’d expect, deeper cuts like “Every River” showcase some more experimental riffs and structure that just may throw you for a loop. Call me crazy, but songs like “I’ll See This Through” almost have a classic pop-rock vibe that remind me of bands like Chicago (sans horns). While you won’t exactly forget who you are listening to in the middle of the record, you can certainly tell that Nate is stretching his wings a bit.

Overall, this is great record for fans of Sherwood or any pop-rock. I’ve listened a couple of times already and it has already grown on me. I suggest you do the same.

TL;DR: The Begging Sea: If Nate Henry fronted Nada Surf.

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