The Blet Project – Eight Till Ten


It seems like there’s a shortage of funk-electronic bands in the world outside of Daft Punk and a few choice songs by a artists here and there. Then, in steps Scottish four-piece The Blet Project.


The group’s latest single “Eight Till Ten” has enough funky guitar strings, electronic bass loops and some sultry vocal work from Maisie Hutt that it’s almost hard to say what strikes you first. Clocking in at just under three minutes, it’s difficult to say what aspect of the song sticks with you the longest. Upon first listen you’ll hear the guitar riffs from some 70s funk, but then during the bridge the piano takes the lead straight out of a speakeasy until Gavin McDiarmid’s guitar comes back in for a solo with teeth. 

The song has layers in the production but not so much to the point that your ears feel assaulted. It may even take a couple listens just to notice the drums from Colin MacGregor are the real deal and not 808 beats. At different points throughout the song, one of the five elements between bass, drums, guitar, piano and vocals drops out to let the others get their time in the sun, but it’s seamless. 

Photo: Scott Parker Studio

Photo: Scott Parker Studio

It’s tricky to describe what makes the song work. It could be Hutt’s casual demeanor with which she croons about her long work days or the piano that keeps the song upbeat. The one thing that is certain is that The Blet Project’s “Eight Till Ten” has a cinnamon roll’s worth of layers and each is equally delicious making this a tune you’ll definitely want to take a bite of.

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