The British IBM – Psychopaths Dream in Black and White


Change is a natural part of life and death. Nothing stays the same forever, otherwise life would be pointless and boring. You can’t escape it, because you yearn for it. You want the change to happen, in your life and in yourself, because when you look back at your past self, you realize how foolish you were.

This is the message The British IBM seems to portray in their upcoming album, Psychopaths Dream in Black and White. Using the transcendent guitar strums and steady drum beat, listeners are shown a vision of truth by lead guitarist and vocalist Adrian Killens, bassist and back vocalist David Martin, and percussionist Paul Richards. This truth is that you really can’t stop yourself from changing, and the present will someday only be a memory. You have to “evolve,” even if you don’t want to leave the good times now. Change is necessary.

“Nothing Ever Lasts That Long,” one of the album’s featured songs, includes a well-blended mixture of guitar, drums, and violin. The violin strokes create an elegant and exciting, yet also sad feeling, reminiscent of a spy movie. You picture the main character, a secret agent trying to save the world, dancing in a ballroom with the film’s leading lady, showing the start of a long and beautiful relationship. However, like the song’s title, you know their relationship won’t continue forever, because a new actress will be hired in the next movie.

This intended message could always change, though, as the album will not be released until September 4th, 2015. If you want to get a taste of this band’s insightful and psychedelic tales for yourself, definitely mark your calendar and have your money saved up. Hearing this band is definitely the change you need in life.

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