The Cardboard Crowns – Global Citizen


If you look at The Cardboard Crowns’ Facebook photos, they look like a bunch of jokers. It looks like they’re just on stage to have an audience. You’ll see spandex, costumes and, yes, crowns made of cardboard. Don’t let this fool you. Their sound is epic and cinematic. They’re the reminder that the music that sounds the best can be the most fun to perform. You’ll want to keep their album “Global Citizen” on repeat.

The most impressive bit of this album is the fusion of multiple genres. “Hats Off” is a pop song with a fast, driving ska guitar riff in the background that propels the song forward. It’s complete with moments of horns and reggae-inspired drums. It’s got another guitar bridge that sounds like something you’d hear in an alt-indie song with vocals like those of funLyrically, it’s a positive thank you: This one’s for Mom and Dad. You know I love you guys.

This album is clean with moments of rawness. “Sun and The Stars” begins with an almost folk-like sound, but adding in the other instrumentation and vocals, it becomes a pop-rock song. It continuously merges a folk with pop-rock and the transitions are absolutely seamless.

Scratchy and honest at times, the vocals are in key with a seemingly effortless accuracy. However, not one ounce of joy and fun is lost in the process. These guys know what they’re doing.

Listen to the band here.

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