The Christians – We

The Christians - Rise

The United Kingdom may not be known for soul music, but The Christians from Liverpool, England are here to break that trend. 

Founded in 1985 by three brothers, lead vocalist Garry Christian, the late instrumentalist Roger Christian and keyboardist/saxophone Russell Christian along with Henry Priestman, The Christians have been through line-up changes as well as a hiatus but are back with their seventh album “We.” 

Garry Christian is the only founding member still a part of the band, but that doesn’t mean they’ve slowed down at all. Tracks like “We Are Love” and “Alive” sound like a perfect marriage of old school soul twang with an accompaniment of new school flair and beats. You’d be hard pressed to listen to these tunes without wanting the shake your hips and snap your fingers, even at your office chair. 

Other songs, like the opening track “Rise” are closer to ambient piano tracks. Garry Christian’s voice croons over a locomotive piano that is joined by a drum beat into the first chorus to ignite the fire in the song. What makes this track stand out from the rest is that it sounds like something you listen to driving through the city streets at night. Almost every other track has a dance element to it, so opening the album with something that’s a bit more of a head bobber is a bold but very smart choice. 

The overall feel of “We” is a blend of new school sounds and techniques while bringing old school flavors and style together for something that can be enjoyed by music lovers of any age, and on a deeper level, any genre.  

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