The Como Brothers – Magic


It’s more than apparent that The Como Brothers are present-day young men who were raised on a large dose of what some call “The Standards.” In an interview with, Andrew Como divulges that the first song he remembers hearing is a Beatles rendition of Twist and Shout. In the same interview, he also says that hearing  Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York at Yankee games as a child had a profound effect on him. Such things eventually led to being in a Beatles tribute band with relatives as a teenager.

Today, Andrew still resides in New York and he along with his brother, Matt, make up the Como Brothers Band. The pair has a number of releases, the most recent is a single called Magic, which debuted last month.


Magic is a pop song. “I want to hold your hand, pull you in for that second dance. Your love is like Magic, Magic. I love you like Magic, Magic,” Andrew Como sings. According to the above-mentioned interview, the track is about a relationship and was written after a break up. Even so, it’s not a bitter or jaded love song. In fact, its disposition is quite sunny. The lyrics are about the feelings one has during the relationship rather than those felt afterward. Which makes it seem as though Como has chosen to be happy that it happened versus being sad that it’s over. It really brings to mind I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles.

Musically, it’s a major key tune that will undoubtedly fill listeners with optimism. It kicks off with some easy, breezy strumming on acoustic guitar topped by some lead notes on a lightly distorted electric guitar. The rhythm section chimes in shortly and from then on, things only continue to build up and brighten.

The Como Brothers no doubt take their songwriting cues from more traditional acts. At the same time, the use of synths and other effects provides enough digital ambience to make for a contemporaneous sound. Unlike a lot of acts, they’ve embraced two ends of a spectrum instead of rejecting one or the other. Because of this, they have the capacity to open minds of all ages.

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