The Deadline Shakes – Zealots

The Deadline Shakes

One of my favourite genres of music is folk. I think this is mostly because it’s a genre that is usually pretty simplistic and pure, but can be either incredibly exciting and upbeat or really mellow and beautiful. You can’t always get both of those things in one genre. 

The Deadline Shakes aren’t pure folk, but their combination of rock-pop/folk is brilliantly represented in their new album Zealots. The album kicks off with an adorable track called Bright Spot in a Bad Year. We can all relate to having a rough go and relying on one thing, or one person, to get us through. The song embodies that feeling – starting off slow and dragging itself into a fun, upbeat chorus with a few hoots and howls that act as the “bright spot.” 

Moving into Shelters, I’m reminded slightly of one of my all-time favourite bands, Arcade Fire. The heavy percussion and guitar mingle with some synthesized galactic sounds to create the kind of jam that only a 6-person band can create. 

My personal favourite, Phone Calls in the Bath, starts out as a whimsical ballad with lyrics that would make any girl swoon, “God knows, that you’re so pretty. Then we’re greeted by a welcome surprise at 1:40 when the solo piano/acoustic guitar sounds melt away and we’re hit with a quick percussion and guitar solo. There might even be some form of string instrument in the background that helps the song go from ballad to uptempoand back to ballad. It’s truly lovely. 

Every song on the album is layered beautifully, but none so much as tack 13 – Boy. The vocals are goose bump worthy and reminiscent of a choir. The stunning vocals combined with the symphony of instruments makes for a refreshing and impressive end to the album. 

Like I’ve said in other bands, the UK has given us some of the best music out there and the boys from Glasgow that make up The Deadline Shakes are no exception. From the adorable and touching sounds of Phone Calls in the Bath to the toe-tapping rhythm behind A Little While Waiting, the new album Zealots has a little something for everyone.

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