The Flux Machine – Love and Affection

The Flux Machine

Believe it or not, there are some people who believe that every band can only play songs in a single genre. Once a band chooses a genre—say rock, pop, or rap—they have to stick with that type. That’s what those people believe, anyway. Personally, I am against this opinion. After writing for Creative Control for almost a year now, I know bands are capable of playing multiple genres. There is so much talent in this world—talent that defies genres. But if you need an example of this talent, look no further than The Flux Machine’s newest song, “Love and Affection.” 

The Flux Machine hails from the Big Apple, specializing in alternative rock they’ve combined with elements of punk, pop, and even some bluegrass. The band was created when experienced artist Luis Accorsi—who has played in other bands like Petty Merchants, Cracked Latin, and Man’s Laughter—teamed up with Raphael Sepulveda, a newer face and rock producer. Together, this band has begun their long journey to rock greatness, but they may reach their destination sooner than you think. This fact is evident in their newest album, “Louder,” which happens to include “Love and Affection” among their other amazing tracks.

One awesome thing about these guys is their wide variety of talent. All their songs have obvious influences from alternative rock, but like I mentioned earlier, they spice it up with other genres to create a non-stop ride powered by the tremendous amounts of energy their songs gift their listeners. When I listened to their full album, I couldn’t keep still. My brain was on overdrive and my foot tapped alongside the beat. I love the intensity their tracks produce and how much they retain my interest. Their songs are truly powerful.

 It is easy to see what separates “Love and Affection” from the rest of the album. While other songs such as “Mess You Up” and “Toxic Love” utilize a punk/rock sound with deep, angry vocals and heavy guitar influence, “Love and Affection” is more upbeat and pop-based. It has a much more pleasant feeling to its rhythm. During the chorus, you hear them several times repeat, “We need some love and affection,” which seems a bit odd if you’ve just listened to “Mess You Up.” However, the sudden shift from anger and yelling to happiness and lighter melody definitely doesn’t ruin their album. This song is great because it gives The Flux Machine a chance to show just how talented they are. They have such a wide range of musical prowess that transcends genres. Many other bands can play other genres, but not many can move so fluidly between them like The Flux Machine does. 

Another great thing about “Love and Affection” is the lyrics and the scenes inspired by them. From the start, you fall in love with this song as they sing, “I must have been dreaming/When you came to me/and told me that you love me.” Already, we are given a scene of a confession, followed by one where the opposite character is crying, but as the singer soon tells us and her, “Things are not the same/Everything has changed.” We receive so few details about what happens between the two characters, but something about the melody and the lyrics holds the power to form a story within our minds. We can fill in the details and change the story how we want, using the lyrics sung. I’ve heard songs with similar effects, but this is the first song I’ve heard do this in a long time. This only deepens the ocean of talent this duo has.  

So, to all those who believe in one-genre bands, The Flux Machine has just proven you wrong. While they mainly play in alternative rock and punk styles, “Love and Affection” shows they have broadened their horizons and have the ability to play a pop-like song just as well—if not better—than someone who specializes in the genre. The evidence is right there in the song, so check it out and let your eyes be opened to the truth.

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