The Fourth & King – Words & Stories


Melodies attack from all corners. The guitar tone is a perfect mix of gruff distortion and playful riffs. The drums are lively and they drop out in all the right places. With The Fourth and King, you have plenty of lyrics to sing along to and lose your heart in. I prefer my music with enough pop sensibility and recognizable choruses to be able to dance and sing with, but it has to lend itself to a rough rock sound and jumpy tempo – all of this is captured perfectly in Words & Stories, the debut EP by The Fourth and King.

This San Francisco band takes me back to the anthemic punk bands of early 2000. Fans of post-alternative pop punk will definitely appreciate the professional composition of this brand new bay area band. Their sound is poised to gather a following fast. Track for track, The Fourth and King perfects original guitar riffs and lyrics while keeping their style distinct and unwavering. For the song “It’s All or Nothing”, they bring their heavy punk influence down to a ballad but it only GAINS energy and never loses momentum. Like Jimmy Eat World, Jarrod Lovell hypnotizes you with his soulful and inspiring lyrics. As for the rest of the band, there isn’t a weak link to be found and they all bring the same tight sound to the stage.

I don’t have much advice for any improvements except that Jarrod’s voice tends to reach a limit when it almost strains for a familiar reoccurring note. I’ve heard that vocal style before, but when he continues to hit that high note the songs begin to lose the melodies that turned me on in the verses. Even so, the energy is always full-throttle and I wouldn’t ask them to pull any punches.

I definitely suggest you give The Fourth and King a listen if you’re a fan of:
Jimmy Eat World, Shinobu, Hot Water Music, or The Gaslight Anthem.

Joe “Phort” Klein
of The Started-Its

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