The Hawthorne Effect


I was not sold the first time I listened to “Drunk Mistake” by The Hawthorne Effect. While I appreciated the very classic rock ‘n’ roll heavy hitting distorted guitar chords as an intro, lead singer John Jauch’s voice sounded a little too Daughtry for me. It had that kind of throaty, gentle growl that honestly sounded a  little wimpy.

Then, I kept listening to any other song and quickly changed my mind.

In a higher register, Jauch’s voice sounds a little more original. In songs like “Devil Don’t Care,” the classic rock roots are even more apparent. It’s a high energy “you’ll never take me alive” song, which sounds like the general idea behind The Hawthorne Effect as a whole.

Lead guitarist Scott Fritz manages a very balanced lead guitar sound. While many guitarists like to show their prowess off as often as possible, Fritz takes his guitar solo and makes sure it blends well with the song. Though there’s no shredding guitar, what he does show off makes sense in context while he gets a little time for his own portion of the song.

This is also evident in “Devil Don’t Care,” which I think is probably the best representation of them as a band. It should be the single, the first music video, the song that gets played in some TV show, etc.

So, give them a quick listen on their Facebook, and as always, let us know what you think!

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