The Hotspur Press – All You Know

The Hotspur Press

Indie-pop or Indie-rock or Indie-anything is such a catch all phrase these days when it comes to describing artists’ style, but most people know exactly what an “Indie” band sounds like, making it up to the artists to stake their own claim. English rockers from Manchester, The Hotspur Press and their new single “All You Know,” are here to do just that.

“All You Know” hits the ground running with a guitar strumming happily along to crashing cymbals before settling down for sweet singing and toe-tapping kicks. The chorus slows down for a little more gravitas and emotion as the singer begs the listener not the throw themselves away. The juxtaposition between happy sounding verses and a chorus that reads like someone pleading with their beloved, gives the song a solid layer and begs to be listened to multiple times.

The bridge is the deepest the song goes as the singer shows their regret for their past transgressions and wants nothing more than to be with the other person which is wrapped up with a guitar solo that sounds like Phoenix or Modest Mouse got an injection of epinephrine.

In the end, “All You Know” is a song of sadness wrapped up in happy guitar chords and drum beats. But instead of dragging the listener down, it instead emits a message of hope, and that’s how The Hotspur Press stake their claim in the Indie subgenre.

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