The Hunna – 100


Sometimes after listening to a band/an album I’m left scratching my head. I’m left wondering what they were trying to accomplish in the last 12 or 13 tracks. This doesn’t mean the music wasn’t good or the vocals didn’t reach me. It just means that the musician may have some growing to do.

After listening to The Hunna’s new album 100, I felt like I had to try again. I couldn’t put my finger on the direction of the album, but I did like what I was hearing. It has big songs like the opening track Bonfire, but also some slower, chill songs like She’s Causal. And of course, the single that’s been all over the airwaves lately, We Could Be.


They’re exactly what a 4 piece indie-rock band should be. But like I said, something’s missing. And I think that something is a little bit of character. The tunes on 100 are beautifully produced, which isn’t a negative thing, but it does make the band sound a bit too squeaky clean. I kept waiting for some kind of imperfection and it never arrived. The cleanliness of the album almost made it sound too poppy for my taste. I’ve heard these guys often compared to The Strokes, which I can almost agree with, but I think they need to really let their emotions and heart open up to produce something more Strokes-esque.

I don’t want to sound like I’m picking on the newbies here, because The Hunna definitely does have some great tunes and real potential to be the next big thing. Songs like She’s Casual and Still Got Blood have sweet, lovely lyrics (“Girl I’m just trying to be fair, I’ll give you all I can when I’m there…”) and great guitar riffs, making them songs that will appeal to the majority. But they also throw a couple of almost punk-like tunes in there, such as Alive, for a little surprise.


I think 100 is an album that deserves the attention of your ears, but you may have to give it a couple of tries before you really appreciate it. The Hunna is a band that I think we should keep our eyes on. Although in my humble opinion they may lack some charisma or quirk, they have the ability to create tunes that I think will appeal to the masses and will sound great on radio. So keep your ears open for The Hunna on your local indie or modern rock stations, it won’t be long before their tunes are spinning.

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