The Joint


Classic rock is typically a favorite genre of many people. The trouble is that “classic” begins to sound dated, so you’re left wanting a new band with that classic rock sound. The Joint’s latest album “Bitter Sweet” has that classic rock sound, but is an active, very much alive band that helps remind us that rock is not dead.

The single “Crimson Queen” shows the band’s modern version of classic rock. The vocals are a coarse growl supported by wailing guitars. The song finishes up with a quiet, but emotive key solo that reminds us this is a currently active band, not someone from yesteryear that popped up on your classic rock Spotify playlist.

“Yet Again” takes that same stance, but takes it one step further. Powerful vocals are backed by a bright, yet muted guitar tone. You could take the vocals out and let the lead guitar take over to make a song on its own, but it sits carefully behind the vocals so the two blend, never sounding messy or out of sync.

Listen to The Joint’s “Bitter Sweet” below:

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