The Kaos – Cold


It starts with a few guitar strings reverberating throughout the empty spaces followed by rimshots on a snare then the vocals from Josh Audas come in, breaking the instrumental. This is the sound of the Kaos and their new single “Cold.”

After that, the bass comes in played by Ellis Reiber-Hodgson which really adds meat to the song. Audas handles the majority of the vocal work on the track, but Reiber-Hodgson and drummer Adam Warren sing backup on the chorus of the track which adds a layer of heart and soul missing from other post-grunge sounding acts.


The bridge is arguably the best portion of the song, where Warren kicks his bass drum like a mule and shreds the skins on his drums in a quasi drum solo, only broken up by Audas’ guitar and Reiber-Hodgson sparingly. Warren explores the entirety of his kit, leaving no cymbal or drum untouched and shifting speed up and down at a moment’s notice.

“Cold” takes all the best things from 90s alternative and adds layered vocals, ear bud bursting drum solos and a meaty bass line that ties it all together.  The 90s may not be back, but with bands like The Kaos coming up, you’ll swear they are.

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