The Killers – Battle Born

Killers - Battle Born

Finally, it’s here. Battle Born is the Killers’ fourth studio album and the first after an excruciating two year hiatus. After the first listen, it’s a little disappointing. Nothing really grabs you except “Runaways,” which is probably why it was released as the single to get some hype up for the album.

Battle Born starts off with “Flesh and Bone,” a dark, borderline depressing rock song that sounds out of place from the rest of the album.

“From Here On Out” is very reminiscent Brandon Flowers solo Flamingo. It sounds a little like pop-infused southern rockabilly, but a good addition to the album to mix it up without sounding out of place.

I think what’s disappointing is that it’s missing the ridiculous energy that was found in Day & Age and the B-sides album  Sawdust. Don’t get me wrong, though. The album is still good. It’s something to listen to while you’re doing something like cleaning the house – where your attention is rather divided and you just need a little background jam.

Honestly, I was hoping for something else like Sawdust. It was the best Killers to me. So, Battle Born is a new-ish kind of sound for the band, but still recognizable as the Killers. Don’t go into this expecting to hear something similar to the old albums.

It gets better around the third or fourth listen, so give it some time. Again, it’s really good for background music while you’re doing something else. If you’re looking to just listen to music with all of you attention focused on that, I recommend Sawdust.


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