The Killing Floor


What makes The Killing Floor an amazing band is the fact that it exists because of an unlikely meeting between brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici of London and Marco Argiro of New York. These guys met at Electric Lady Studios in New York City in 2009. They decided to form a band after they realized had much in common, such as similar musical tastes as well as previously working with the same producer, Mark Plati. Considering the million to one odds of how it formed, The Killing Floor seems meant to be.

The Killing Floor made NYC its home base and hit the road and eventually released a successful debut self-titled album.

The quartet’s follow-up EP Tongue Tied features the acclaimed single Corruption Capital. This song is a robust example of what it’s like when you hear the fusion of two separate nationalities in one musical entity. Imagine combining the buzzing instrumentals of Muse with the anarchist message of Rage Against The Machine.  This is sound of people from across the world uniting together in rebellion.


Backs Against The Wall is unwaveringly positive lyrically and musically. It seems designed to lift spirits with its bright riffs and high-range vocal harmonies. This one is about not giving up on your dreams in the worst of circumstances. What really grabbed my attention about Catalina was the awkward song structure; the slight pause between chord changes gives it a peculiar sound. There’s a sufficient mix of Pop hooks and Grunge rasp in the chorus that will allow the listener to rock out and still be commercially successful at the same time.

High is a fast-paced, and as a result, brief punk anthem. In the intro, the group sounds a bit like a lo-fi classic rock unit.  The guitar amp sounds as if it’s buried. The beginning of the first verse and all afterward is rough and raucous punk.  The repetitiveness of the vocals in the chorus provides some the catchiest moments of the entire EP. “I’m feeling’ tongue tied, feeling, feeling, feeling high.”

If there’s one takeaway from this band it’s this: we are all connected. We all share similar emotions and we’re all are capable of feeling the same things no matter where we’re from. This band is living proof of that.

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