The Liberty Underground – Three Feet From Gold


There’s a ridiculous amount of pop-something in rock music. We’ve got pop-punk, pop-rock, garage rock and pop-folk-fusion-or-whatever-they-come-up-with-next. Not that I have anything against pop-everything, but that is 100% not The Liberty Underground. The Liberty Underground is pure rock and roll, so grab their album Three Feet From Gold to get your all rock fix.

The best way I can describe The Liberty Underground is like a heavier Pearl Jam with different vocals. Eddie Vedder has a very distinct voice, but his throaty growls get tiresome. Liberty Underground singer Jon Chorba has a crisp, clear mid-range voice that’s never muddled or froggy. Even in songs like “Moth,” Chroba throws in a little screamo into the mix while keeping the instrumental sections in their original heavy, distorted, rock and roll sound.

Sticking true to those rock roots, there are also some fluid, high range guitar solos. The notes flow step by step between Chorba’s singing that really bring out that classic rock feeling through The Liberty Underground.



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