The Living Strange – 2 AM Freak Show

The Living Strange

Los Angeles rock duo The Living Strange are bringing and old style back from the grave with a kiss of modern lips. Elijah Sokolow and Ben Shafrir are 16 and 21 years old, respectively and are merging the singing style of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, with the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the ferocity of a factory fire. 

Sokolow handles the singing, songwriting, guitars and basically any instrument heard on the band’s EP “2 AM Freak Show” that isn’t the drums, which are Shafrir’s department. The opener to the EP, “Mannequin” features reverberating guitars and crashing percussion on the chorus. Other distortions accompany the track to make the song feel like it’s literally bouncing around. 

“If You Go” could be on an Arctic Monkeys album and be right at home. Guitars and drums play the same notes simultaneously and Shafrir shows he isn’t afraid to use his toms from his kit. 

The third track “Afterglow” starts with Sokolow and an acoustic where he really channels Dylan’s songwriting skills with lyrics like “Life’s no destiny, just a destination” and “Everyone that’s anyone is everywhere all the time.” It’s a really interesting listen lyrically and the flow of the song works really well with the lyrics. 

The EP’s closer, “2 AM Freak Show” sounds like something from the Doors or Zombies from the 60s with groovy, heavy bass lines and organ sounding keys. The bell being struck on the ride cymbal during the chorus is the icing on this retro-style cake. The longest track on the EP, it finishes with crashing cymbals and distorted guitars with strings that sound frayed by the end. The guitar solo makes the closer a hell of a finish and one that could leave you breathlessth

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