The Living Strange – “Gillisblu”


The Living Strange, founded in 2014, are creating not only a signature sound, but one that’s defining a genre. Self-described as “millennial rock n roll,” the Los Angeles based band has created an image and sound based on youth, fun, but with an ear for precision and detail.

Since “millennial rock n roll” may not be a thing yet, it sounds like this: pop/alt rock with a slight digital influence – emphasis on the influence; we’re not talking about the over-synthesized ’80s or anything. With a guitar sound that, according to the band’s bio, is “built to sound like the listener is leveling up in a video game, or attending a carnival.” You get a little taste of it in the intro, but it comes out in the intense, sliding harmonic guitar solo that just borders on shredding. The lyrics are quick, witty and are paired with melodic, catchy and urgent vocals. All of this combined with the expert (also quick) drums creates a full, thick, well-rounded sound. It’s colossal and just ends up making you feel like you can take on the world – which is hopefully what The Living Strange will do with “Gillisblu.”

Listen to some of The Living Strange’s songs here:

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3 Responses to “The Living Strange – “Gillisblu””

  1. Strangefan1 says:

    Great band! Great song! Looking forward to seeing more of the living strange!!

  2. Ethan says:

    Great band with unreal shows. Stop by sometime they’re pretty epic!

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