The Loft Sound Studio


We tend to focus on up and coming artists here. Sure, we’ll have the occasional big name, but we tend to pay favoritism toward new, developing artists. Another like-minded group would be the people behind The Loft Sound Studio in Plainview, New York. Owners Donnie Klang and Matthew LaPorte have created an all-in-one production and artist development facility where our favorite up and coming musicians can practice, record, receive training and develop their brand as artists.

One of the benefits of signing to a major label is all of the help you get doing what you (hopefully) already love. A label has its own connections for artist development, recording, photography and videography. These are all things that The Loft Sound Studio have to offer – you have the potential to begin building these aspects before a label even hears or sees you.

The Loft Sound Studio will give you space to practice, record, develop and create, but why should you trust these Klang and LaPorte guys? You may remember Donnie Klang from “Making the Band 4” where he won a contract from Sean “Diddy” Combs and released his album “Like a Rolling Stone” in 2008. Deciding to take a more business approach to the music industry, he partnered with Matthew LaPorte to create The Loft Sound Studio with the vision of helping create and develop new artists – much like the support Klang received through his success on “Making the Band 4.”

The Loft Sound Studio features three sound studios – two for recording and one for piano and guitar lessons. They’ve got a complete dance room for rehearsals and choreography as well as a hair and makeup room. From start to finish, you’ve got all you need to write, practice, record and look pretty fancy while doing it all.

Check out The Loft Sound Studio here.

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