The Madden Brothers – We Are Done


Before you piss and moan (heh) about more Good Charlotte, just know that the Madden Brothers sound nothing like Good Charlotte. (Yes, they are the same vocalists, so they technically sound the same, but I’m talking overall style).

As an avid GC fan, it was a bittersweet moment to admit that this hiatus and side project would be a good idea. At first, I was tempted to firmly clasp onto my Good Charlotte debut album years with fiercely unmatched loyalty. Then I thought, We’ve got part of GC so it at least has to be partially good, right? 

It is. Entirely.

Here’s why. While the Madden Brothers sound nothing like Good Charlotte, there’s still a pop vibe that’s a little lighter. “We Are Done” reminds you of the Beach Boys and days when “pop” didn’t mean club sounds. Plus, it has a riff that will get stuck in your head for days, but it’s not the kind that will annoy. By the thousandth time you’ve hummed this riff to yourself while doing laundry, you’ll be itching to play “We Are Done” again.

This is the first single that has hit from the debut album “Greetings From California…,” set to release this fall. However, even that sound from the premiere single may not be exactly what we can expect. According to the Madden Brothers bio, the album will be in two parts: the light, “summer pop” side, and a more ’70s inspired, earthy side.

It’s probably needless to say that I’m ready for this album to happen, like, yesterday, but I’ll say it just for good measure.

This song rocks and the album will, too.

Check out the lyric video here and listen out for that riff…

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