The Minerals

The Minerals

It’s not often that bands will incorporate acoustic guitars with bravado drum beats, but that’s exactly what British rockers The Minerals have combined on the self-titled debut.

The album’s opening track begins like many of folk or indie-pop bands with an acoustic guitar being strummed with gusto. What makes “Ball of String” and the other seven tracks on “The Minerals” is the accompaniment of deep, groovy bass lines and drums utilizing a lot of kick, and toms that resonate like sound in a bottomless pit.

Acoustic instruments aren’t limited to just guitar with the Minerals.  “Sewn Shut” begins with a fast paced violin solo and accompaniment throughout the track. Adding the violin, along with a tambourine in the second verse and more traditional drum beats, makes “Sewn Shut” one of the stand out tracks from the album. It’s an effective mix of folk and indie-pop that doesn’t insist on being quirky or weird.

When listening to these songs, you can tell that vocalist/guitarist Colenso Jones and his bandmate, fellow vocalist and synth player Jodie Gibson,  aren’t trying to go for something that’s already been done, or a sound that already exists. What the Minerals have done is a creative and effective blend of acoustics, indie-pop and even a little bit of witch-house. “The Minerals” makes for a truly unique listen and there’s only room for the duo to expand from here, and we can’t wait.

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