The Missendens – New Horizon


Craig Hansen has been through his share of trials and tribulations as a musician. A press release for his group, The Missendens, reveals that he grew up listening to classic rockers such as David Bowie, and The Sex Pistols. After spending years of time and energy on music, his talents landed him with a band in London. But just as the group was beginning to get noticed, financial issues and overstayed visas caused the unit to dissolve.

Hansen has since formed The Missendens and is about to release his new band’s self-titled album in December. Due to the LP being self-funded, the recordings were stretched over two years even though it only took a mere 14 studio days to complete the process. The end of the long road is in sight with the drop of the album’s second single New Horizon.


A wall of sound hits the ears as soon as the track begins. It’s mixed and recorded well and the thickness of tones struck me immediately upon listening. The entrance of the rhythm section shows off an influence of pop. The vocalist hits the high end of the frequency spectrum, giving off an effeminate effect. The press release for this song describes the vocal harmonies as being “reminiscent of classic-era Fleetwood Mac.” This fact lead me to wonder if being high pitched was all part of the plan rather than something that happened naturally.

Even though I’m not a fan of the tune, it’s clear to me that all the time and effort put into this has resulted in a quality product. This song is evidence that hard work and perseverance pay off. Maybe after all the struggles and hardships, the band will soon see a New Horizon of success.

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