The Motel Pines – A Sad History


According to the Facebook bio, The Motel Pines’ name “represents an older motel in an area where nice new businesses are springing up all around it. Not being phased by all the revitalization, it has stayed true to its old-school vibe.” Drummer Mark Starling describes this as a fitting metaphor for his group because like the motel, the members are happy doing their own thing and aren’t concerned with trying to make more contemporary music.

The Motel Pines is an indie rock band from Dallas, TX formed in 2012. The debut album A Sad History is available for preorder on Bandcamp and is due out on March 14th.


Circadianism is a bittersweet starter conveyed through simple pop structure. Lyrically it sways between sentiments of hope and doubt. According to an article from American Pride Magazine, this song is about a conversation a band member had with a friend about the 2016 presidential candidates. “[It’s] about the cynical nature of power and authority and inherent weaknesses in a democracy.”

The LP’s second single, #nolivesmatter discusses the common issues that have always plagued humans.  This one is soothing, melodic, and yet it sounds so unorthodox due to its rhythms.   My Abandoned Ship has the feel of classic Folk, but with a modern twist. It starts off with some marching tom-tom beats and serene flanger effects. The pace eventually picks up into something more energetic, but this doesn’t prevent Michael Carrasco from maintaining the sincerity in his voice.


As a whole, the album is made up of sunny-disposition rock songs doused with light sprinklings of cynicism, depression, and anger. The discontent is most noticeable on certain songs such as The Heart and the Head and Of Mediocrity. Despite this, these tracks are optimistic to a fault. And while we’re talking about positivity, a good closing note about these guys is that they seem to know exactly who they are and from what I can tell, they’re perfectly happy about it.


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