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The Nightingales have been around for a minute. With members going back to The Prefects, these guys know the scene… and exactly what they’re doing. However, instead of focusing on yesteryear, the ‘Gales are constantly making new music. They’re about to go on tour, so those of us Stateside have the chance to catch brand new ‘Gales work. Here’s what the Nightingales have to say. Creative Control: The Nightingales have been around for a while. What keeps the band going?

Nightingales: Well primarily it is because we believe that the work we do is worthwhile and despite the band not being a very commercial prospect, nor achieving great popularity, we think that on an artistic level this is not important. From El Greco and van Gogh via Franz Kafka and the Velvet Underground, history shows that the general public are not the most up to speed arbiters of taste – indeed, as so, so many ‘hit’ groups and other modern cultural references confirm, it is often the case that what is popular with the masses actually sucks.

CC: How are you feeling about visiting the States for your upcoming tour?

Nightingales: We are looking forward to it – it’s been some time. We have played New York quite a few times now, and to a certain extent we have a following over on the East Coast, but the West Coast is quite an unknown for us. In 2008, we did play Michael Stock’s ‘Part Time Punks Festival’ in LA preceded by a show in SF and with others in Oakland and Long Beach, but five of the seven cities on this tour are virgin territory to us and that is always quite exciting.

CC: What should we expect a Nightingales show to be like?

Nightingales: Well, we do not play anything from ‘the old days’ – we are not one of these dire nostalgia acts that live on the work they did decades ago. Our show will be comprised solely of material off of our most recent albums, plus a few songs yet to be released, and it will be a non-stop sixty minute blast of riffs, rhythms, rage and humour – something for everyone!

CC: Your upcoming tour is with Surplus 1980. What made you want to tour with this group?

Nightingales: Surplus’ band leader Moe! Stainio is, amongst other things, a Nightingales fan who set up our Oakland show back in 2008 and the group did a ‘Gales cover version for a forthcoming Nightingales tribute album. He has become a kind of pen pal; I like him and he volunteered to try [and] piece this current tour together. Surplus seem like top people with a decent attitude to their work and musically they are a good fit with our band, so everything fell in to place nicely. We are looking forward to seeing them live.

CC: Your bio mentions to expect an album for 2016. Can you give us an idea of what that’s going to sound like?

Nightingales: Well, we are always writing. We had two new songs whilst we were touring our current album. We have a new guitarist who has a different playing style so it’s been great to let him express himself and see what happens. We like to always get something new out, don’t really understand why bands leave it so long between releases when you’ve always got something to say, right?

CC: What do you like to do when you’re not practicing/writing/recording?

Nightingales: We are all very focused on the band, a lot of time outside of playing, Fliss and Robert are booking future tours, managing, designing. Our bass player, Andi, lives in Germany and is the engineer at the Faust Studio.

Our new album ‘Mind Over Matter’ is out now on Louder Than War records, available for import. Will be on sale at all of our West Coast shows.

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Check out the tour dates here and below to find the ‘Gales when they’re near you:

Fri 28th Aug – The Railway, Southend-on-Sea

Sat 29th Aug – Homegrown Festival, Bury St Edmunds

Sun 30th Aug – At The Edge Of The Sea Festival, Concorde 2, Brighton

Mon 31st Aug – Dublin Castle, London

Fri 4th Sep – Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

Sun 6th Sep – Echo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA

Mon 7th Sep – The Black Cat, San Diego, CA

Wed 9th Sep – Starlite Lounge, Sacramento, CA

Thu 10th Sep  – Old Nick’s Pub, Eugene, OR

Fri 11th Sep – Lo Fi, Seattle, WA

Sat 12th Sep – Panic Room, Portland, OR

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