The Parisians

I wanted to ramble on about one of my favorite bands in the entire world. They’re called The Parisians and I’ll give you one guess where they’re from…

Yes, Paris.

So have I seen a show? No. Because I have never been to Paris.

I think you should go give them a listen and maybe if we get enough fans over here, they might come to the States. (I think they actually came to Texas once…)

Basically, if you like “indie” music, you’ll probably like The Parisians. Simple song build and lyrics, which is kind of relieving to me. I mean, I love a good complicated piece of music as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s too much. Like how you sometimes forget you’re listening to music?

Yeah, hate it when that happens.

So anyway, just go give them a listen. The “Listen” link on their website automatically redirects you to their MySpace where you can decide to send them a friend request if you so desire.

Or if you even still have a MySpace. Which brings me to my next point:
Keep your MySpace and if you’ve already deleted it, get a new one. Even if it’s just for the music (one of my friends did this and it worked out well for her). Because MySpace seems useless until you want to find some new music.

If MySpace isn’t your thing, check out Mog. I don’t really keep up with my account (because I tend to forget), but it’s pretty cool.

So that’s all. This was kind of a music + music networking post. I hope it is useful to someone. I’d prefer you to listen to the Parisians, opposed to me just telling you all about them. You guys need to be active, too!

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