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The Rainband

It’s rare these days that I come across a song that really stands for something. Such statement holds especially true if the song is new. Sure, rebellion against society is ever-present in rock ‘n’ roll, but it’s difficult to think of the modern day when thinking of songs that called for social justice or human unity. My mind shifts to songs like John Lennon’s Imagine or Bob Dylan’s Masters of War. For the most part, what comes to mind are classic songs that called for a change.

However the recently released Storm from The Rainband fits in flawlessly with the above-mentioned category. The Manchester U.K. outfit is preparing to release its debut album Satellite Sunrise and has offered Storm as a debut single.

This type of inspirational music is something not seemingly new from The Rainband. Other tracks such as World We Seek will leave provide you with motivation to pursue your dreams with the lines, “The world we seek is always ours to find.” The catchy pop rock is influenced by the likes of The Black Keys, The Rolling Stones, and Arcade Fire. Rise Again is a tribute to Marco Simoncelli, a famed motorcyclist who died in 2011. The lyrics talk of the power music has in helping to overcome troubled times.

The newest release, Storm is an unmistakable anthem for ending political corruption and becoming one as a species. The video (which premiered in Rolling Stone Italia in late March) features numerous images of political figures and national tragedies including images of Martin Luther King and the September 11th attacks. Sections of the lyrics, “power in the hands of some is like a ticking bomb,” are inscribed on various posters surrounding the band as they perform near the ocean. Musically, the most striking element is the darkly intricate fingerpicked acoustic work, which begins the song and serves as a sort of building block for the other instruments. As the guitar is playing solo at the start, the lead guitar is added in at about :09 seconds, while the bass and drums don’t come in until the beginning of the first verse. A single word is heard being echoed at the end of the verses: one.

This is the type of music that sparks awareness and serves as a catalyst for change. The Rainband truly sounds like a group that came about during the ‘60s counterculture movement rather than a band that formed in 2010. With the amount of passion and motivation that is put into music like this, maybe this will be the band to bring about a cultural change in the new millennium.

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