The Regal Beagle Band Live

The Regal Beagle Band

I know I say this often, but Nova Scotia, Canada has some serious musical talent. A lot of that talent comes from a tiny island – Cape Breton. Like The Town Heroes, Dave Sampson and Port Cities (all who I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing before), Regal Beagle hails from Cape Breton Island but with a sound that is much bigger.

Picture a pop-rock band with everything you could want – great guitar, heavy bass, and lots of kick ass vocals. But then picture all of that PLUS a fiddle. The Regal Beagle Band makes the fiddle sound like the coolest instrument out there. The fiddler, Calen Kinney, goes back and forth between plucking and using the bow across the strings, impressing listeners every step of the way.

While The Regal Beagle Band doesn’t have a whole lot of original material, they have perfected hits from artists like The White Stripes, Matt Mays, Jimi Hendrix and RHCP. Normally I wouldn’t praise a band for their covers so much, but RB really makes you believe they’ve been playing these tunes for decades. They also add in their own twists and flavours that keep you coming back for more.

Watching the the band live is the best way to experience Regal Beagle. Their album In Days Past sounds great of course, but watching their extremely energetic frontman, Jacob Noonan belt out the words to their original songs while the rest of the 5-piece jam is just straight up awesome.

I’ve seen these guys kill it so many times before, but I’ll never miss my chance to dance and sing along with the one of their shows. The only thing better than a Regal Beagle show is new Regal Beagle music, so fingers crossed they’re working on some of that!

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