The Scheme – Dust

The Scheme

Your inner 16-year-old, boy band-loving dweeb will jump up and down when you hear this song. It has everything that a modern day pop song should have: love, adorable young male vocals and an uplifting chorus. If Dust by The Scheme isn’t already on the iPods of young girls everywhere, it will be sooner than later.

These three young men – Kyle Carpenter (vocals/piano), Kristofer James (vocals) and Aleksey Lopez (vocals, guitar) – have come together to form a pop trio from London that specializes in harmonies. Although they’re young, the boys have all been passionate about music from very young ages. Combined, they have years of classical training and singing/acting experience; with Kyle classically trained in piano and both Aleksey and Kris have been leads in on stage productions.

The vocals are pretty spot on throughout the entire song, with backing vocals contributing more than just a few “oohs” and “awws.” The background synth sounds throughout parts of the track really remind me of more electro bands like Bear Mountain and Metric, and even though The Scheme is much more bubblegum pop than those two, it still works. The synth and sound effects add another layer to the song so it has a bit more depth than many pop love songs.

While I do enjoy the song and I think the musical make up of it is lovely, I find myself bored with the lyrics. Can we stop comparing relationships to diamonds? It’s kind of a been-there, done-that sort of topic for me. The whole thing becomes a bit cheesy for my taste when you add lines like, “when you touch me, it brings me to my knees.”

A video was also released with the song and has hundreds of thousands of views, so obviously people are digging these guys’ new track. The video follows along with a theme many artists have been getting into lately, and features a choreographed dance rather than the band singing itself. I like the idea of telling a story through dance, and the dancers in The Scheme’s video are incredible talented, but the entire thing is in slow motion. When watching it, I felt like the song was seven minutes long instead of four.

The lyrics and video may not be my favourite, there’s no denying the musical talent and chemistry between these guys. They’ve produced a pop-song that could i’m sure will be on the airwaves around the world in no time if not already.

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