The Singing Limbs – Mint


Ever come home from a long day at work and all you want to do is flip on some tunes and kick back for a while? The Singing Limbs may have that solution for you with their EP “Mint.”

Formed only two years ago, The Singling Limbs hail from San Francisco and their keyboard, soulful guitars can wash all your worries away. The lead track “Stay” sounds like something from the 60s or 70s era of funk/good-vibes rock. With snappy guitar riffs and keys that kick some funk into the song, it’s hard to not feel better when the track starts, even if you were already in a good mood.


“Juniper” continues the sound of soul tucked throughout “Stay” but in a much slower time frame. The hi-hats and bass line on this track are front and center while more of Cameron Gibbons’ vocals with guitar plucks are sprinkled throughout to balance the track. The last minute or so, the track picks up with faster time frame and a keyboard solo that sounds like it came from the far reaches of space. It’s a fun way to kick the track into overdrive without jarring you and, frankly, it’s a shame that it only lasts a minute.

The EP’s final track, “Dune” could have come straight from The Zombies or The Doors with its lightning pace and funky keys woven into the backbeat. Gibbons’ vocals sound more subdued like he’s trying to seduce the microphone and really ends up carressing your ear drums.

“Mint” by The Singing Limbs will give you a sense of nostalgia you didn’t know you were missing. It sounds modern but also like it would be right at home in the late 60s or 70s era of funk. Much like The Strokes’ first album “Is This It?,” the guys in Singing Limbs have a unique to them that is fresh but harkens back to yesteryear and it’s a trip worth taking.

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