The Strumbellas Live

The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas are a five piece indie/folk band from Ontario, Canada. They create catchy tunes very similar to The Lumineers and Cold War Kids, but with a bit more of a folk vibe. I’m ashamed to say that The Strumbellas are a band that I often forget that I love. I neglect them until I randomly catch the end of one of their tunes on the radio and then I listen to them on repeat for weeks.

With their new single Spirits hitting airwaves everywhere and the launch of their new album scheduled for April, it’s the perfect time for them to be touring. I was lucky enough to catch them with Blue Rodeo, another Canadian folk/rock band last week and both bands were as flawless live as they are on their records.

One thing that The Strumbellas are really good at is harmonizing. I guess when there’s that many of you on stage you have to be. The vocals in the very beginning of Sailings could give you goosebumps. Those goosebumps quickly fall away though as the guitar kicks in and the audience starts moving to the beat of the percussion.

You can tell this band is really into what they do. Even when they’re playing some of their slower tunes, they still put their all into it and the energy stays high the entire time. One of their slower songs, The Fire, was done beautifully with just the lead singer’s vocals, acoustic guitar and some violin.

Although it was beautiful, it definitely left me wanting even more, so I was stoked when they transitioned into their hit, Spirits. The new hit starts off with just David Ritter and his guitar singing the first couple of lines, then it crashes into an insanely catchy chorus that has a lot of keyboard, drums and all five bandmates singing back up. It honestly sounds a little bit like a choir and it’s incredible. They also take full advantage of the stage – dancing all around and enjoying each other’s company while still nailing every key and note.

When they left the stage I really found myself wishing I could hear them sing this one just one more time. Lucky for me – and everyone else in the audience – this wasn’t the last we saw of The Strumbellas that night. The band joined Blue Rodeo for the encore songs of the show and proved that these young folks can jam with even the most seasoned veterans.

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