The Strumms

The Strumms

Finding great bands to listen to around the country or world is always exciting, but when they’re right next door that makes it even better. The Strumms is a band filled with a political punk spirit who sprouted up in Nashville, TN. Since they’re somewhat new, their song choice is limited to a few. If you’re a punk lover, or ‘80s baby who grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, then this band might be perfect for you. 

The Strumms may take you back to the era of Mest and Rancid, while sounding a bit like Nirvana or The Clash. All of their music has a political undertone, inciting your inner anarchist, but in the best way. “Break Your TVs” pushes the listener to set themselves free by ignoring the hidden messages inside the ads on television. Similar to their other songs, it’s a call to action for the general public to push against the conformist ways of American culture. 

Live music is usually better than recorded, in my opinion, so if this band ends up being a favorite for you after you listen them, be sure to check out a live show. They play in Nashville and Murfreesboro frequently, and they’re definitely itching to spread their message. The Strumms’ message is not for the naive or strict in their beliefs, and it’s definitely one to think about.

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