The Used and Taking Back Sunday Live


What happens when you sell out a show at the Warfield? San Francisco warmly welcomes you into her clutches with spilled beer, puffs of smoke and crowd surfers throwing up the middle finger as if saying, “Yes, please continue to rock.”

Opening bands Sleepwave (former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain’s project) and Tonight Alive both warmed up the crowd and got us ready to throw down for Taking Back Sunday and The Used: a co-headlining tour that could only be a gift from the gods.

The Used and TBS are both bands that helped kick off the Great Emo/Melodic Hardcore Movement of the early 2000s. The then teenagers who were locked up in their rooms waiting for the release of the next album are now all grown up and still dreaming of tours like this one. A little less angsty, still angry and still in love with this music, we live for nights like these.

Taking Back Sunday played through song after song, taking a serious moment to thank us for some reason. Don’t worry, we didn’t take it. We clapped and cheered to say, “No, you dummy. Thank you. I wouldn’t have made it through my teen years without this music, so just thank you, okay?”

As they finished their set, it left a taste in my mouth for the 2006 album Louder Now. I’m holding on to the hope that TBS will do a ten year anniversary tour for Louder Now and just play straight through the entire album. Now that would be a brilliant show to see live.

The Used took the stage after a brief fight with an acoustic guitar that was not cooperating very well with the tech. That didn’t matter. Everyone forgot once the guys started playing. They opened with the new single “Cry,” as if they were ready to get it out of the way to get to the old school Used that most of the fans were there to see anyway.

After being reminded of the In Love and Death years, I realized that this September will be ten years since that album was released. I also realized that it would be another fantastic anniversary tour to hear live. With a new album coming out in April, it’s a little less likely.

I can hope, right?

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