The Watanabes – Draw What You Like EP


There’s a reason why we still talk about The Beatles today. Whether it’s the song writing or the instrumentation that hooks you, those reasons stand strong. There’s room for that kind of pop. With The Watanabes’ “Draw What You Like” EP, it’s time to give your copy of the “White Album” a little break and dive into something new.

“Draw What You Like” is bright, shiny pop with depth. It really does have that BeatlesAnimals and Oasis at times feel. The vocals are clean cut and crisp with a comfortably high range that’s anything but heavy.

The instrumentation is light, flowing one song to the other. The EP starts out with “There’s Something Wrong,” an upbeat introduction to songs that will show more range. Before you know it, you get to “Make Things Better,” a slower, but not sadder Smiths-esque song that still has acoustic guitars strumming, keeping a certain movement throughout the entire EP.

The EP will be available Sept. 29. Until then, here’s the last album by The Watanabes – “You’re Dancing I’m Absorbed” – for an idea of what they’re like:

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