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The Welcome Matt

Using the 1980s as a source of inspiration is a tricky concept to master. You could get the person who refuses to let the ’80s die, relying only on that cliched syth-rock sound. They probably have big hair, too. However, you could get the person who has taken the best parts of the ’80s – that perfect blend of pop choruses with rock sounds and a TINY BIT of synth to tie it all together – and turns that into a modern song. The Welcome Matt has thankfully chosen to be the latter with the newest album “POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE.”

With “POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE,” The Welcome Matt has combined the classic, better parts of the ’80s genre of pop/rock and turned those into a modern alternative sound. Instead of an antiquated, generic over-synthed rock album, what we get is something that more likely pays a tribute to what musicians have learned since then. It sounds like the artists with staying power, like David Bowie and The Replacements, have been channeled. They’ve grown and blended with their audiences. This is rightly so since “POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE” is The Welcome Matt’s 8th studio album.

Songs like “Cast A Line” and “Let It Lead You” are the best songs for the vocalist. He gives us a smooth, languid Robert Smith-esque voice. The vocals are backed by a more alternative sounding instrumentation – the guitars are light with just a tad of bass to ground the sound, again, paying tribute to the ’80s in a non-irritating, normal-sized hair way.

Listen here:

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