They Called Him Zone – Miami

They Called Him Zone

They Called Him Zone’s new EP “Miami” gives you a glimpse at the underground music of the 21st century. The fast paced techno feel makes you think you’re signing up for a rave while the dark feel behind the scenes creeps up as the song continues. “Miami” turns techno into a hypnotic backdrop for any good TV show or movie with a character on the prowl. It reminds me of the perfect track for a production to put behind the horror scene in their slasher flick.

They Called Him Zone

Although the chills I got from listening to it probably wasn’t what was intended, I still couldn’t help but be drawn to it for my love of eerie music. I’m not one for achingly eerie music, but it does have a certain magnetic sound to the track that makes you want to listen to it more than once. The combination of the electronic undertone, the steady beat and the breathy lyrics all add to the horror-like feel. For all the die-hard love song folks, this one probably isn’t a good choice.

Zone’s single is mashed with breathy vocals, guitars, and drum machines. The psychedelic mix is a new wave masterpiece waiting for the underground music community to consume it.  

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