Third Eye Blind at GA Tech

Photo: Stephen Albanese

Georgia Tech was lucky enough to have Third Eye Blind come play for their homecoming weekend. Because my roommate is a tech student, Jerod and I were lucky enough to see the show.

It was pretty much what I expected- great songs performed by a great band. I was hoping for “Eye Conqueror” to be in the set list, but it was not. “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” were, of course, on the set list, along with a few newer songs from the newest album, Ursa Major. (Bear!)

It came to no surprise that when they mentioned their new album, I heard about five people make the comment, “Wait… They have a new album out?” Apparently, the band has decided to leave Elektra, go independent and do everything on their own. Which is probably why no one knew about Ursa Major.

Heads up, though. Wikipedia lists that Ursa Minor will be the next album, but has no release date yet.

Anyway, the show was wonderful. Lots of college kids jumping and crowd surfing. To which Stephan Jenkins replied, “Just drop ‘em!” The guys were bursting with energy and the crowd loooooved it. However, they did two encores…. I’m not gonna say that no one should ever do two encores, but after a while it’s just time to leave. If you give the people too much, they won’t come back for more!

At that point I was hoping “Eye Conqueror” would be in the encore. But no. That didn’t happen. Boo.

If you get the chance to see Third Eye Blind, just do it. Especially if you grew up in/really love the ’90s. They were like the soundtrack to the late ’90s. You won’t be disappointed. Let me put it this way – they were good enough for us to stand up outside in the freezing cold with some misting, all the way through the second encore.

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