Three Sheet – Heart to Make it Perfect


Three Sheet is a this super rare blend of funk, hip-hop and rock. That’s my interpretation, anyway. The band is so unique and complex that other people might be hearing something totally different than I am.

Made up of DJs, singers, beat boxers, rappers and musicians, Three Sheet comes together by the hands of Expedyte (Mic 1 – Lead Vocals/emcee), EMC (Mic 2 – Beatbox Timepiece/emcee), Vanessa Furlong (Mic 3 – vocals), Kevin “Gator” Tilley (Bass), O’Quinn (Electric and Classical Guitar) and DJ Uncle Fester (AKA Shaun Ryan, DJ). Their tunes are layered with so many sounds – from insane beat boxing skills to guitar riffs; catering to the ears of all their listeners. 


Their newest album, Heart to Make it Perfect, just dropped this summer and they’ve been promoting it with shows all over Atlantic Canada and beyond. This is their third album (the first dropped in 2009, the second in 2011) so anyone who has seen Three Sheet perform in the last couple of years will recognize a lot of tunes on Heart to Make it Perfect. Songs like Dirty Keeps, The Bears and No Power have been part of Three Sheets’ setlist the last few times I’ve seen them. However, I’m definitely still not sick of them.

The Bears is one of my favourite tracks because it features Vanessa Furlong’s vocals a little more than some of the other tunes. It’s also a little more mellow than some of their other songs, which I love, because you don’t get a lot of mellow, chill funk/hip-hop songs these days. There’s an awesome line from The Bears at the beginning of the song that goes, “When Three Sheet hits the stage ya always do a double take, ‘cause all those drums came from that dude’s face.” It’s just the perfect line to describe Three Sheet. That’s why I often use this song to introduce friends to the band who’ve never hear them before. It really conveys the type of group they are.


Dirty Keeps is also a crowd favourite. The guitar in it is unreal. It reminds me of when Lil’ Wayne decided to make a “rock” album…but better. Dirty Keeps also features a lot of the more subtle noises that EMC can make. I love the sounds because it’s easy to assume that it’s an instrument, so people are blown away when they realize it’s just a guy’s mouth! This is one of the best things about seeing Three Sheet live – the look on peoples’ faces when they see EMC do his thing.

The album is crammed with jams from front to back. All 13 songs will have you stomping your feet and grooving to the music. I highly recommend giving it a listen and then searching some videos of the band doing their thing live so you can really see the talent that all six of those people on stage have.

It may have taken five years for Three sheet to put another album out, but let me tell you, it’s definitely worth the wait and I’ll patiently wait another five for the next.

This was originally published stating that the previous album was in 2009. This has been corrected to reflect that the band has three albums, the last in 2011.

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