Thrillkiller – Time


Thrillkiller is the musical aftermath of the popular Maryland-based band Aries. The former enjoyed a successful eight-year run, during which time it shared the stage with acts such as Symphony X and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row.

According to Thrillkiller’s Facebook profile, the group was founded in August 2015 and the only band members listed on the account are Rob Bradley and Maxim Sobchenko, the respective vocalist and guitarist for Aries.

Fans of Aries should enjoy Thillkiller’s debut EP Time as it features similar elements heard when listening to Aries; Sobchenko’s distinctive cranked-to-the-max lead guitar tone and Bradley’s high-frequency vocals are both included on Time.

The opener, Passion Killer is what you would get if you were to imagine that Buckcherry recorded a track with Slash from Guns ‘N’ Roses on lead guitar and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy on vocals. The bass drum provides a thumping, steady beat in the verse and further down the line an extravagant ‘80s-esque guitar solo is played during the bridge. This is feel-good rock ‘n’ roll that puts the listener in the partying mood.

“Are you feeling indecision?” Bradley sings solo in the opening line of the EP’s title track. A guitar-oriented track, Sobchenko entertains again with more over-the-top guitar licks. The chorus here offers one of the most catchy and melodic sections of the entire EP with Bradley’s vocal harmonies.

Bradley describes his intrigue for another and shows off his vocal range with soaring high notes during In Too Deep (the note he hits at 1:45 will raise your eyebrows). The EP closes with The Storm, a song with quite eccentric musical phrasing. This type of phrasing is analogous to something one would hear from Iron Maiden.

Based on the success these guys had with Aries and the noticeable following they’ve built with this new project thus far, I speculate that it won’t be long until these guys are playing with big-name acts like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this article. The group’s music is available on all the typical social media outlets. You will probably hear them sooner or later; it’s all a matter of Time.

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