Tommy Marz Band – Bringing Alpha

Tommy Marz Band

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Tommy Marz Band is pretty frickin’ amazing. My last article gave a good overview and direction of the band, with a mention of the newest single “Star,” but this time the whole album was available for me to listen. Can you say geeked? 

“Bringing Alpha” is the newest album for the Tommy Marz Band and with it comes the undeniable awesomeness of pure rock’n’roll. I’m not talking about headbanging and mosh pits, but Marz proves that rock can be heavy, fueled with meaning and  a fun experience, too. 

“Room With a View” is a combo of fast paced lyrics and slow strums. Once you get used to the pace, Marz switches it up on you. I can’t guarantee you’ll ever find your footing on that one, but constantly moving has its benefits. You’ll never get bored of this song for one. As I mentioned in my last review, “Star” is a great listen as well. “Star” is a slower single, but it gives you the perfect break to the hard rock of the other songs. It has more of a relaxed feel and helps keep the album balanced. The compilation of songs flow into one another, as albums should, but often don’t. “Common in Disguise” was definitely the best, with its foot tapping beat and lyrics that cover the posers and punk individuals who criticize without any real action. Keep in mind that music is open to interpretation, so what the songs mean to me may be entirely different to you.

As “Space in Time” states, “bye, bye the innocence is gone,” and its place is a much-needed dose of honesty in the form of rock’n’roll. What should you expect when you listen? Music that’s equivalent to a slow burn.

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