People often associate punk rock with thrashing about and sticking a finger to the Man. The actual musicianship seems to be put to the side in an unfortunate event. However, this doesn’t apply to punk band Torcido. They’ve got a more quiet thrash about them – a thrash that’s even a bit haunting.

The vocals by Torcido stick out the most. They seem to stretch, grind and flow, always staying in tune. Though these are gritty vocals, there are occasional spots of brightness, like the Oooohs in “Look Up.” This seems to be a theme stretched across to all instruments. The drums have that garage rock faded sound, as well as the guitars, however, each instrument is given that moment of clarity, like the clouds are clearing.

While the guitars have those distorted choral supporting roles, there are those flashes of a solo. These are the spots where the guitar becomes clear and gives you a point to ever so briefly appreciate the musicianship.

Overall, their sound is generally quiet. You can really listen to each instrument individually while still seeing it in the context of the whole. It’s incredibly smart punk rock – reminding you of why you liked punk in the first place and can actually hear it, now.

Listen here to see for yourself.

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