Hard rock/stoner metal/grunge rock all kind of bleed together. While these genres are slightly different, they’re also kind of similar. Norway’s Tripod takes this opportunity to show a lot of range with these, even branching into a softer side. Their upcoming album “Devil Feeder” will showcase this expertise in blending genres.

The album’s title song “Devil Feeder” shows you how hard Tripod can rock. Distorted guitars backed with intense strings house a gentle yet tough vocal track that transforms into a gravelly scream by the end of the song.

Then, there’s “Meant to Be.” The beginning keys and strings make you think maybe your playlist has skipped to a James Blunt song, but hold on for a few seconds longer. This song doesn’t skimp out on the hard rock, but you’ll see Tripod’s softer side. The vocals are confident, not holding back, but not in-your-face aggression like in “Devil Feeder.”

Between softer moments of acoustic guitar, shredding electric guitars, light keys and strings and vocals going from singing to screaming, Tripod is a completely well-rounded band. There’s something to be said for rockers who aren’t afraid to share the softer side, but they always jump back into their natural state of hard rock.

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