Trombley Bay

Trombley Bay

What’s better than jamming and listening to killer tunes with some of your best friends? Probably nothing. Similar to bands like Kings of Leon and The Hives, Trombley Bay was formed by three life-long friends in 2009. When Jared Munday, Joey McLane and Josh Moore recruited pianist Karl Fielden and percussionist Joseph Giacoppelli, the Atlanta, GA band had formed a five piece alternative group that can seriously rock. 

Although they’re much more alternative now, you can still hear hints of the southern blues sound that they were once known for. Man Behind It All immediately reminded me of Canadian band The Sheepdogs, but kind of stripped down and grungy. The guitar riffs are easily the best part of this song. They’re incredibly energetic and really show how talented these guys are as musicians. 

Gravity holds onto some of the southern blues as well, with an intro that is super reminiscent of Tom Petty’s Last Dance with Mary-Jane, which is never a bad thing. It’s pretty easy to understand how the bands listed in their Facebook profiles are their influencers – Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. Like their influencers, Trombley Bay like big sounds and energetic guitar/percussion. While their lyrics are a little bit lacklustre, they make up for it with a killer combination of raw rock and roll and elegant piano sounds. 

Drown is easily my favourite song by the boys. The percussion is simple but incredibly catchy and unlike some of their other tunes, the lyrics are a bit heavier. “All these memories, I’ll let ‘em drown,” is a part of the chorus and I can imagine the emotional teenager in me ripping up pictures of her ex-boyfriend while belting out the lyrics. 

Trombley Bay is best known for their energetic performances and obvious passion for making music. While I think the band has a little bit of work to do in terms of really finding their niche and their sound, right now it seems like they’re borrowing from their influences – you should definitely keep your eyes (and ears) on these guys. I’ve only listened to them a few times and I already have their songs stuck in my head, so I can only imagine the catchy melodies that they’ll come up with next.

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