Twin Lakes


With a ton of indie-insert-another-popular-genre-here out there on the market, it’s tough to find the ones you’ll actually like. It seems like the word “indie” is thrown in front of someone that “they” don’t want to call pop. Now, there’s nothing wrong with pop – it’s popular music meaning people generally like it. So, it seems that indie is becoming the new pop, but we’re afraid to call it that for some reason. But then you have bands like Twin Lakes. As a self-proclaimed indie-pop band, they’ve really encompassed that title. The music is something mainstream appealing enough that it should probably already be on the radio, but it’s not necessarily blatant, in your face, sing along with your radio pop. Twin Lakes is a band that gives you popular music with a little extra character and feeling.

The vocals are unique. There’s a thickness to the voice that’s singing to you, but it’s never muddy. There’s a bit of range, too. The higher notes ring clear and supported before dropping back to that thick tone that sets the mood for all of their songs.

Sometimes the songs sound busy, like they would be difficult to pull off live without turning into a murky mess. However, the recordings are done expertly. This is especially true of the song “Wolf Hall.” Those viscous vocals are there, but if you listen closely, you can also hear a guitar doing it’s own thing. It’s a guitar part that is constantly playing. It’s not necessarily the rhythm guitar, but it doesn’t stick out enough to be the lead, either. There’s this underlying strumming and plucking that adds an extra personality to the song, but it doesn’t take control of the song or push the other instruments away. This is a perfectly blended in instrument that plays well with others and adds a little punch to the song as a whole.

Listen to Twin Lakes here:

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