Undermine – Waiting


Australian band Undermine released their self-titled debut a few years ago, but not they’re ready to release another song as a single. “Waiting” is the song that you will forever associate with this band. It’s the one that really defines the band. Though they do have some differing songs, “Waiting” is the one that makes you think, Yeah, that’s definitely Undermine

Undermine has that definitive contemporary rock ‘n’ roll sound. Overall, they have a robust, almost cinematic feel to each song. Their most recent single “Waiting” embodies that standard the best. You have a head banging song with smooth with not too Nickelback-y but still contemporary enough vocals that are fortified with the huge sounding instrumentation. It’s definitely the song that takes the album to the next level. Expect to hear this song in movies and on every hard rock playlist imaginable.

With other songs like “Recipe For Disaster,” they have a hard, White Zombie sound that’s fast and hard. Then, they take other songs like “Lie To Me,” which have a more pop/rock feel. With Undermine, you get a few different takes on the “rock song,” all while staying true to their overall sound, which is what you get the most in “Waiting.”

Check them out here.

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