Urica Rose – Ain’t No


Urica Rose is marketed as alternative rock (whatever that means now), but what you really get is a mix. You get a little insight into a few different kinds of songs, which means we’ve got a girl who has some ideas of her own to get out in any style possible.

The album title song “Ain’t No” is definitely the killer track. Rose shows us a little of her edge, a couple of growls and pop hook that will stay in your head for days. However, those catchy riffs aren’t the only thing she showcases for the album. She not only has edge, but she’s got soul and a writer’s spirit.

The song “No Sunshine” is the best piece that captures Rose as a singer/songwriter. The line No need for sunshine/Don’t need the moonlight/Your love’s what I need/Your love’s what I breathe is that standard love song that the singer/songwriter fans tend to crave.

The other notable part about Rose is her voice. Other than her growl, she has a bluesy, soulful tone. She’s got a smooth sound that would be the perfect addition to any R&B song.

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